Download this file (Broadcast Licence App. Form.pdf)Broadcast Application Frequency Authorization
Download this file (Class - Aero . land . marin.pdf)Class A & B License Class License Form - Aero . land . marin
Download this file (Class - Amateur  and  CB.pdf)Class - Amateur license Class - Amateur and CB
Download this file (Class - Internet. ISVR. Private Network. Value Added.pdf)Class-License Internet. ISVR. Private Network. Value Added
Download this file (Class Licence (Type B [1] LMB...) App. Form.pdf)Class Licence(s) - Type B ServiceTelecommunication Class Licence Type B Service
Download this file (Class Licence (Type B [2] AR...) App. Form.pdf)Class Licence - Type B ServiceTelecommunication Class Licence(s) Application Form - Type B[2] Service
Download this file (Community Radio - Broadcast Lic. App. Form.pdf)Community RadioTelecommunication Community Radio
Download this file (Frequency Authorisation.pdf)Frequency Authorization Frequency Authorization Form
Download this file (GUIDELINES - Amature__info.pdf)Guidance Note Amateur Radio
Download this file (GUIDELINES FOR AMATEUR RADIO APPLICATIONS(NEW).pdf)Amateur Radio License GuidelineGuidelines for Amateur Radio Application
Download this file (Individual.pdf)Individual Individual License Application Form
Download this file (Terminal Equipment Supplier Registration Form.pdf)Terminal Equipment License Terminal Equipment Supplier Registration Form
Download this file (Type_Approval Application Form.pdf)Class C Type Approval Type Approval Application Form
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